Illustrations of Gypsy Folk Tales, 2010

Book Cover, 2010
Title Page, 2010
Illustrations of Gypsy Folk Tales, 2010

Flyleaf, 2010
Book Cover Illustration, 2009
Ex Libris, 2007
The three Devils, 2009
Osama bin Laden on Holiday, 2009

Catalogue Cover Illustration, 2007
The Rabbit as Interpreter, 2008
The Brave Tin Soldier, 2006

Stories about Nasreddin Hodja, 2006

The Call of the Wild, 2003

Ali Baba and the Forty Robbers 2002


                         Japan tea label illustration for Marumoto Japanese Tea Room, 2012    

                                    The Soul Eater (Illustration of Péter Dóka's short story) 2013.

Why the Cat Purrs? (Illustration of Roksana Jedrzejewska-Wróbel's short story)